Pygmy Date Palm Tree

Phoenix roebelenii
Patio Palm Tooltip

Patio Palms are seasonal palms that make it easy to add a tropical flair to your pool or patio.
No installation required! Patio Palms last for one season and do not typically survive Atlanta winters.

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  • Lacey and feathery green fronds have a graceful upright and cascading habit. 
  • Three trunks highlighted by peg-like leaf bases add to the palm’s showy nature. 
  • Short and full of fronds make it a striking specimen, accent, pool, or patio palm for the warmer season. It is sure to add instant atmosphere to your pool or patio for the warmer season.  

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Showcasing three trunks wrapped in distinguishing peg-like leaf bases, and feathery upright and cascading green fronds are just a couple of the Pygmy Date Palm’s notable characteristics. One look and it’s easy to see why this elegant and gorgeous palm is so popular. If you’re searching for a plant that makes your special event, business, or personal space resemble a refined tropical paradise, then look no further than the Pygmy Date Palm. 

Deer Resistant Deer Resistant
Drought Tolerant Drought Tolerant
Grows Well In Zones: 4-11 Patio / 10a-11 Outdoors
Mature Height: 5-6 ft Indoors
6-12 ft Outdoors
Mature Width: 3-4 ft Indoors
6-8 ft Outdoors
Sunlight: Indoors: Bright Indirect Light Outdoors: Full Sun to Partial Shade
Growth Rate: Slow
Shape: Tree
Placement: Indoors, Patio, Outdoors

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